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More than any other resource, the computer system is now the most fundamental and indispensable part of a company. This is because in the physical media of our computers is enclosed all kinds of information (sensitive data, but not only…) vital to your business. Modern IT systems contain the knowledge and information that makes your business able to operate and succeed.

Did you know, in fact, that more than half of companies that suffer a massive data loss fail within six months?

There are many threats to which our computers are exposed in everyday life. From fires, floods and thefts to trivial short electrical circuits or (frequent) accidents that occurred while moving machines. The most important systems are also the most vulnerable.

Protect your system from any threat

No risk of losing your data

Monitored and secure server farms

Restore your data anytime, anywhere

Your company's bespoke Disaster Recovery


How do you ensure the security of your data to 100%?

Sintecnos’ Disaster Recovery service stems from the need to create a system of restoring your data that protects it from any physical or digital threat (virus).


The Remote Back-up service(LINKlink) carried out daily on your system allows you to create a complete copy of all your data and transfer it to our Server Farm(linkLINK), real “data banks” kept in safe and monitored places, miles away from your office.

Whatever happens to your offices, Disaster Recovery Sintecnos is your data loss insurance.

Like all our services, Disaster Recovery modes are customized, modulated and guaranteed based on the specific needs of our customers. From simple disk space with recovery possibilities to virtual server cloning hosting services for immediate recovery and operation.

Effective protection is tailored protection.


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