Risk Assessment (risk assessment for cyber security)

The panorama of threats of today is constantly changing. Companies must treat information security as a business management issue with equal emphasis on people, processes and technology. As businesses’ technology needs continue to increase, so do potential vulnerabilities and entry points into critical business systems. To deal with these persistent threats, organizations must implement advanced security testing policies, because waiting for an attack to begin can be the difference between a small problem and a real crisis.

A cybersecurity risk assessment helps companies:

Determine the scope of systems and resources that support major lines of business or processes

Costs and energy efficiency.

Identify related systems, resources, regulatory requirements and / or compliance obligations .

Benchmark of business practices .

Prioritize repair steps in an effective plan based on specific goals, budgets, and timelines.


SECaaS (Security As A Service)

Our SECaaS service serves as a cost-cutting tool for online businesses, integrating security services without on-site hardware or huge budgets. Using a cloud-based security product also bypasses the need for expensive security experts and analysts. Security threats are becoming more hostile. Budgets are limited. Skills are key. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications, and big data can pose risks and inefficiencies if they’re not managed properly.

SECaaS services provide ongoing protection as a database and are constantly updated to provide up-to-date security coverage. They also alleviate the problem of having separate infrastructures, instead combining everything into one manageable system.

Main features:

Centralized Security Management: Protect data and applications locally, in the cloud and in hybrid environments across multiple layers: network, system and web application .

Proactive threat detection with 24×7 SOC monitoring and quick notification from security experts.

Rapid deployment: Experts manage deployment, configuration, optimization, and training, so your solution is up and running quickly.

Compliance without complexity: Meet key compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Visibility in your IT infrastructure: Evaluate your security status to understand the risks your environment faces.


SD-WAN addresses today’s IT challenges. This new approach to network connectivity can reduce operational expenses and improve resource utilization for multi-site deployments. Network administrators can use bandwidth more efficiently and ensure high performance for critical applications without sacrificing data security or privacy.

The advantages

High reliability, with predictable service, for all critical business applications.

Multiple hybrid active-active links for all network scenarios.

Enhanced Security (end-to-end segmentation policy) and security distribution to remote endpoints and branch offices with NGFW, DNS and NGAV security.

Optimized Cloud connectivity.

Simplified Management.

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