Private Cloud

Private cloud is a particular cloud computing model that involves a distinct and secure cloud-based environment in which only a specific client can operate. Unlike the public cloud, which has multiple clients accessing virtualized services from the same server pool, the private cloud uses a distinct pool of internally or externally hosted physical computers and can be reached via private leased lines or secure encrypted connections.

The added security offered by the private cloud is ideal for any organization that needs to store and process private data or perform sensitive activities. For example, a private cloud service could be used by a financial company that is required by regulation to store sensitive data internally and that will still want to benefit from some of the benefits of cloud computing within their corporate infrastructure, such as allocation. resources upon request.


More Control

Costs and energy efficiency

Better Reliability

Cloud Bursting

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

The public cloud model is the most recognizable and fastest growing cloud model.

The most prominent examples of cloud computing tend to fit into the public cloud model because they are, by definition, available to the public. Due to scalability and cost, the public cloud is widely used for applications that do not require the level of infrastructure and security offered by the private cloud. Business customers can use public cloud infrastructure to achieve operational efficiencies, such as archiving non-sensitive content and collaborating on online documents.


Maximum Scalability

Affordable (major resources pooled)

Utility style payment model



Position independence

Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is becoming increasingly popular with organizations looking to leverage the benefits of public and private cloud platforms. Companies implementing a fully integrated hybrid approach can maximize their efficiency by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, while relying on a private cloud where they require more security.

Sintecnos can help you bring clarity to this market and evaluate the best cloud-based solution for your specific business and infrastructure needs.

Hybrid Cloud

DRaaS – Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the necessary skills to provide, configure and test an effective disaster recovery plan (DRP). DRaaS prevents organizations from investing in and maintaining their DR environment off-site. In addition, DRaaS contracts can be flexible to meet the changing needs of the business.

Your business can never be safe if disaster strikes without a DRaaS system.

If this happens, how much downtime is acceptable? Every second that power goes out or servers fail means huge losses for your organization.

With a DRaaS solution in place, you don’t have to worry about this – if disaster strikes, you’ll be able to get back to normal operations in minutes.

Sintecnos can help you bring clarity to this complex market and make sure you get the best disaster recovery solution for your company’s business needs.

Managed Backup

For a lightweight, secure and agile business

Information and data are the true soul of your business and are what makes a company’s IT structures valuable.
In fact, there are many risks: not only virtual (such as viruses, malware and other threats), but also physical as in cases of theft, fire, flooding or damage that may occur as a result of the most trivial displacements.
To prevent these situations, the Sintecnos Remote Backup service provides ongoing rescue management. Your data will be properly encrypted and stored in our storage devices where it will remain secure and will always be ready to use in case you need it.

Managed Office 365

Maintaining high levels of productivity is critical for modern businesses.

End users must be well equipped with the tools they need to perform daily tasks and to generate critical results.

Businesses that opt for managed Office 365 typically see significant overall uptime benefits by freeing up internal resources and simplifying the transition to an operational state.

If your organization is looking to migrate its existing Exchange on premise environment to Office 365, Sintecnos can help you find the right technology partner to drive a smooth implementation.

Talk to a trusted advisor today!

Why is Office365 managed?

Onboarding and migration – High Safety Standards – Support and monitoring by a network of experts

Cloud Consulting and Management

Cloud computing enables companies to quickly find innovative ways to increase efficiency, improve performance, minimize risk and reduce costs. If you are looking for an external resource to help you develop a cloud strategy or to assist you with project management, we can help.

Sintecnos, thanks to decades of experience, can take advantage of early trends, and because we work with many clients in a variety of industries, we have the holistic vision to help you find and execute the best-in-class action plan.

We will work to ensure that your infrastructure requirements are flexibly addressed and satisfactory for your business needs for years to come. With the constant change seen in the technology landscape, it is vitally important to efficiently determine what should be outsourced versus what should be conducted internally.

Entrust us with your mission-critical infrastructures, so you can forget the hardware worries and focus on your business. Choose from colocation services: from single rack, to network connections with major carriers, to hardware purchase.

Power Spaces

Colocation, Vps and Hosting

Don’t worry about the hardware anymore.

Sintecnos-managed Server Farms are 100 percent safe places where data essential for your company’s security and operations can be deposited, and much more!
They range from hosting your website, with attached custom email domain,to dedicated software for delivering web-oriented services. For the most demanding customers we also get to housing and colocation services and, if necessary, a total virtualization of the systems to work in light and quiet.
All in total safety and with the guarantee of the emergency intervention Sintecnos in case of malfunction of the services.


The explosive growth of Internet-based services has increased the need for Web expansion, as well as improved quality of service (QoS) in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions. CDN services accelerate application delivery to a distributed audience, enabling better customer engagement and a stronger online presence. Whether you need to improve website performance, speed up applications, or stream live video, we can advise and broker the content delivery capacity your business requires. The Sintecnos team will work with you to complete an infrastructure assessment and will help you bring clarity and confidence into the CDN procurement process.

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