Secure data

In the design and management of a secure system at 100, there can be no lack of cloud services that allow you to secure data on physical media while always ready and easy to find.
Transferring and back-uping your data to our Server Farm spaces allows for constant monitoring by our team and protects your business from any physical damage that may happen to computers in your offices.
Thanks to the Disaster Recovery service, you will always be able to recover the updated version of your data.


Cloud Sintecnos services

Our Clouds’ spaces makes your business light, flexible, and dynamic while safeguarding your business from any possible risk of data loss.


Thanks to systemic auditing and Ethical Hacking, our experts are able to structure a system that is safe and perfect for your needs.

Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud Sintecnos protects and guarantees your data from accidents to hardware (fires, thefts, breakups…) and your company’s software (virus, malware…). With Remote Backup, it will always be possible to recover a copy of all your business data that is safe in our facilities.

Farm Services - Powerful and Secure Dedicated Spaces

Safe, always controlled places where our customers have all the space they want. Our Server Farms keep your data safe by lightening you from the weight of massive, bulky hardware equipment in your offices.



We lay the basis for analysis for your success

The security of your system starts with a good foundation structure.
Sintecnos experts provide you with their proven experience in the field to help you build the IT system that best suits your company’s needs in a safe and functional way.
Systemicauditing and Ethical Hacking operations help you identify the structural weaknesses of your computer system and those areas where you need to act quickly and strengthen security.
Selective and intelligent monitoring that ensures quality protection without weighing down your system and costs!

Copies property

Remote Backup

For a lightweight, secure and agile business

Information and data are the true soul of your business and are what makes a company’s IT structures valuable.
In fact, there are many risks: not only virtual (such as viruses, malware and other threats), but also physical as in cases of theft, fire, flooding or damage that may occur as a result of the most trivial displacements.
To prevent these situations, the Sintecnos Remote Backup service provides ongoing rescue management. Your data will be properly encrypted and stored in our storage devices where it will remain secure and will always be ready to use in case you need it.

Power Spaces

Farm Services

Space for your ideas

Sintecnos-managed Server Farms are 100 percent safe places where data essential for your company’s security and operations can be deposited, and much more!
They range from hosting your website, with attached custom email domain,to dedicated software for delivering web-oriented services. For the most demanding customers we also get to housing and colocation services and, if necessary, a total virtualization of the systems to work in light and quiet.
All in total safety and with the guarantee of the emergency intervention Sintecnos in case of malfunction of the services.


Disaster Recovery

Your computers are the most important and vulnerable assets in your business. In fact, they contain all – just everyone – the data of your business: both the most valuable and guarded, and the easy-to-access ones that allow you to meet the requests of our customers.
Have you ever thought about what would happen if all this data disappeared? For example, due to a fire, theft, flooding or a pc rupture? Well, thanks to the Disaster Recovery Sintecnos service, you won’t have to think about it anymore.

Don’t waste a minute of work

Our Disaster Recovery is based on varying levels of protection and operations depending on the needs and needs of our customers. In some cases, a dedicated disk space is sufficient with the implementation of a specific recovery procedure.
But for complete and immediate operation we also offer hosting solutions of a cloned virtual server. In this case the entire organization of your operating system will be copied to our cloud spaces and it will be possible not only to recover the data but to restore the entire operating system. It will take a few minutes and you can go back to work as if nothing had happened.

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